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Commercial Fire Damage in Bay Ridge Doesn't Need to Be a Setback

5/11/2024 (Permalink)

burnt toast When your Bay Ridge diner suffers fire damage, call SERVPRO to clean up the burnt toast and much more.

We Can Revive Your Fire-Damaged Family-Owned Shop

Bay Ridge's geography has kept many smaller businesses alive and thriving. At the same time, other nearby places saw a depletion of these vibrant shops and services. Mom-and-pop shops and other brick-and-mortar businesses face threats that online entities can avoid. One such threat is the disaster of commercial fire damage. Always be prepared to quickly extinguish the flames.

SERVPRO® profoundly empathizes with the heartache and stress that commercial fire damage inflicts on Bay Ridge businesses. Our highly trained and dedicated technicians are here to assist at-risk companies when they need it most. Families who work hard, make sacrifices and stay dedicated to growing their businesses deserve to see their investment survive after a fire.

At SERVPRO, we remain dedicated to seeing our commercial customers regain control of their business and resume normal operations, just "Like it never even happened."  Here are some of the methods we use:

  • Deep cleaning that removes soot from surfaces of all kinds of textures,
  • Rebuilding fire or water-damaged structural components, and
  • Air scrubbing and deodorization.

During a fire, immense amounts of smoke settle on every surface in your business. Our techniques remove this caustic substance from surfaces before it can do more damage. Soot easily damages smooth surfaces with a lustrous polish and those covered in textiles. Softer surfaces include window coverings, furniture, or items like stuffed toys.

Fire, smoke, and water often cause enough destruction to require rebuilding. When we rebuild, we partner with our customers, ensuring their satisfaction with the projected outcome and making them feel valued in the restoration process.

The smoke produced during a fire also contaminates the air. To combat this, we run air scrubbers that remove particles from the air and vent these to the outside to ensure optimal results. Our deodorization work entails different approaches to address both smoke and fire damage and any water damage that arises from firefighting efforts.

If smoke or fire has damaged your family-owned business, call SERVPRO of Bay Ridge at (718) 765-5572.

Home Flood Damage Cleanup for Bay Ridge Properties

3/10/2024 (Permalink)

demolition of drywall, air mover nearby Controlled demolition is a cornerstone of professional storm damage cleanup and restoration in Bay Ridge. Here To Help®

Professional Restoration for Flood-Damaged Belongings

In Bay Ridge, even a single inch of floodwater can wreak havoc on homes, potentially inflicting $25,000 in damages. The National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP) average claim payout for home flood damage is $52,000, and the financial and emotional toll on affected families is significant. However, help is available from a team dedicated to swiftly restoring safety and comfort to your home.

SERVPRO® offers Bay Ridge properties around-the-clock flood damage mitigation, restoration, and rebuilding services. Professional cleanup simplifies the claims process by integrating comprehensive repairs with seamless coordination between homeowners and insurance adjusters, ensuring a smoother recovery after a disaster.

Structural Damage Risks Inherent to Flooding

When flooding occurs in a home, its effects reach much farther than is readily visible.

  • Certain materials, such as carpets and mattresses, often require disposal post-flood to eliminate potential health hazards from contaminants.
  • Similarly, wet drywall can harbor mold, sewage, and bacteria that compromise structural integrity.
  • Flood water damage can also impact electrical systems, posing potential hazards when combined with standing water. Professional intervention is necessary to handle a compromised home electrical system safely.

Flood Damage Mitigation Strategies for Structural Materials

SERVPRO’s restoration approach emphasizes safety and thoroughness at every step of mitigation to remove flood-related water damage.

  • By performing flood cuts 12 to 18 inches above the waterline on affected drywall, technicians can efficiently sanitize and dry wall cavities, often saving wall studs, electrical systems, and plumbing from damage.
  • Temporary access to wall cavities also prevents long-term flood-related issues like wall stud damage and mold growth.
  • Insulation and carpeting affected by floodwater can be removed and replaced with new material during restoration.

If your home has suffered flood damage, contact SERVPRO of Bay Ridge at (718) 765-5572. This team can restore homes to their pre-flood condition, making the disaster feel "Like it never even happened."

Expert Fire Damage Restoration in Bay Ridge

1/8/2024 (Permalink)

Fire and soot damage in a kitchen. If your Bay Ridge home has fire damage, call SERVPRO. We'll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Professional Fire Cleanup by SERVPRO®

When a fire engulfs a home, the aftermath is daunting for any homeowner. In Bay Ridge, a neighborhood known for its charming residences, the impact of a fire is profound. Due to the proximity to many homes, a fire in a neighbor's house can deliver smoke damage to nearby properties.

In Bay Ridge, instances of fire damage, though unexpected, can wreak havoc in residential areas. Imagine a fire breaking out in a living room – quickly consuming furniture, electronics, and precious family mementos. Such a calamity not only disrupts the lives of residents but also calls for immediate and effective restoration measures that involve fire cleanup and water damage mitigation.SERVPRObay offers expert fire restoration services with empathy and professionalism from start to finish.

Risks After a House Fire

The complexities of fire damage in a Bay Ridge home include:

  • Compromised Structural Stability: Charred beams and weakened foundations pose serious risks.
  • Electrical Dangers: Damaged wiring and electrical systems increase the risk of further accidents.
  • Air Quality Concerns: Persistent smoke and soot particles lead to hazardous breathing conditions.

Post-Fire Actions

To combat these challenges, SERVPRO's strategy for restoring fire-damaged homes is comprehensive:

  • Debris Removal: Clearing away burnt materials sets the stage for rebuilding efforts.
  • Soot and Smoke Elimination: Specialized cleaning methods remove corrosive particles from surfaces.
  • Air Quality Enhancement: Employing air scrubbers and foggers to cleanse the air of contaminants and odors.
  • Water Damage Restoration Needs: Utilize dehumidifiers to tackle water damage from fire-fighting activities.

Professional Equipment Makes a Difference

Their advanced equipment and techniques define SERVPRO's approach. The team uses thermal foggers and ozone generators to eliminate odors and use their exclusive cleaning agents to restore belongings. 

When fire damage affects your life and property, connect with SERVPRO of Bay Ridge at (718) 765-5572. The certified, trained team is always available 24/7 and Here to Help®

Removing Mold Damage from Bay Ridge Properties 

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck in front of a home with  caption: "Call Our Team For Your Mold Problem" If you have mold in your Bay Ridge home, call SERVPRO. We'll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Effective Mold Remediation Approaches

With Brooklyn being one of the largest boroughs of New York City, it is unsurprising that it is split into sizable neighborhoods and communities like Bay Ridge. The area has been named since 1853, though the settlement and its history are far older. Before becoming Bay Ridge, the community was known as Yellow Hook. The municipality's name was changed because of the fear of association with yellow fever running rampant in the mid-1800s. This portion of Brooklyn today represents its long-standing presence in the state, hosting some of history's most renowned military figures, such as Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, at the St. John's Episcopal Church.

Take quick action when situations like mold damage in Bay Ridge arise. This swift movement is vital to protect historically significant properties in the immediate area, such as the structures of Doctor’s Row on the Bay Ridge Pkwy or landmarks like 8200 Narrows Avenue House that has stood in the city since 1917. Fast action protects these buildings, single-family homes, and even high-rise apartments in this portion of Brooklyn from being overwhelmed by mold development.

Removing Mold Damage in Brooklyn Homes 

Mold can be among the most underrated yet hazardous developments in a local home or business. Colonies continually spread, which can be a substantial concern for some of the area’s historic properties that might become irreparably harmed, like the buildings of the Senator Street Historic District. SERVPRO® responds fast to help with:

Eliminating mold damage from Bay Ridge homes is more than just a surface issue in most cases. Our experienced remediation professionals work fast to establish the perimeters of the damaged areas and contain these conditions for fast and efficient mold cleanup. Trust SERVPRO of Bay Ridge for efficient remediation solutions. Call us at (718) 765-5572.

Early Steps of Brooklyn Water Mitigation Services

11/16/2023 (Permalink)

water covering the tile floor of a kitchen Getting water out of your house after water damage is a tricky task. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for certified professionals that can get the job done.

SERVPRO® Helps with Fast Water Damage Cleanup

To put the sheer size of the borough of Brooklyn into perspective, this borough of NYC is home to the same number of inhabitants as Chicago. With 2.7 million residents, Brooklyn is one of the metropolitan area's most condensed and heavily populated portions. It has the lion's share of unique properties, venues, and cultural centers. Much like the borough motto, "Unity Makes Strength," you can see various attractions and amenities while visiting this portion of New York City. One of the greatest of these is the 58 branches of public libraries throughout all the Brooklyn neighborhoods to make books and educational resources accessible.

Much like SERVPRO's water mitigation in Brooklyn, things change fast throughout the city. For example, events come in and out of the Barclay's Center in Prospect Heights. In addition, the borough's cultural centers and education facilities constantly change with new exhibits and offerings, including the Brooklyn Museum, the New York Transit Museum, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Finally, for those looking for a unique time, head out to Coney Island in mid-June to see the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade, complete with costumes and floats.

SERVPRO Mitigates Loss with Quick Steps

  • Extraction – This is water removal services to address standing surface water when we first arrive.
  • Drying – We use air movers and dehumidifiers to manage trapped water in building materials and contents.
  • Content Cleaning – We set damaged contents aside for attentive care, drying, and deodorization.
  • Emergency Repairs – We address needed repairs, demolition, and build-back services with our general contractor license.

With 2.7 million residents, disasters requiring water mitigation happen every day. Call SERVPRO of Bay Ridge when you need professionals who can help you get life back to normal fast. We are ready 24/7 at (718) 765-5572.

Removing Flood Damage from Brooklyn Homes

5/22/2023 (Permalink)

cars on busy street during storm Flooding happens, even in cities. But no worries. Your SERVPRO is trained and equipped for complete restoration.

Flood Damage Cleanup Services Start Immediately

As the most populated borough of New York City, Brooklyn is home to more than 2.7 million residents. It is estimated that there are close to a million residences, including condos, apartments, and single-family homes throughout the neighborhoods. This range of architecture makes disaster recovery services vary significantly from one site to the next. But like the borough's motto, "Unity makes strength," SERVPRO works closely with residents and property owners in Brooklyn and Coney Island to help. Quickly maneuvering throughout Kings County is critical after severe weather. While events like the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade will make some waves, no one wants standing water in their house.

Addressing Brooklyn flood damage means understanding the impact of these disasters on structures of all sizes. While being ready to help the region's residents is essential, we also have answers for Large Loss concerns. Institutions, including Medgar Evers College, New York City College of Technology, and the Brooklyn Law School, play a big part in the municipality's identity. Flooding can significantly impact cultural centers like the Brooklyn Museum, Children's Museum, and the New York Transit Museum.

Cleaning Up Standing Floodwater in Brooklyn Properties 

Standing up to floodwater is vital when professional venues in the city become ruined by intruding water, such as the Barclay's Center. However, we limit extensive cleanup and recovery to meet strict deadlines for scheduled events such as the Brooklyn Nets taking the court or sometimes the New York Islanders breaking down the competition on the ice.

Flood removal focuses first on removing standing water, which involves extractors of multiple types. Even with the water gone, the remaining damage will require the following:

  • Decontamination
  • Disinfection
  • Drying

When contending with flood damage, contact the professionals that can help from start to finish throughout Kings County. Call SERVPRO of Bay Ridge today at (718) 765-5572.

SERVPRO’s Quick Water Extraction Saves Bay Ridge Businesses

5/11/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Our techs are ready 24/7, 365 days a year.

Businesses in Bay Ridge Count on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration 

Time is of the essence when restoring water damage to a commercial building. The longer the water remains on your commercial property, the more damage it can cause. You need professionals like SERVPRO who can provide reliable and efficient water extraction services to your Bay Ridge property.  

With years of experience and a team of highly trained professionals, SERVPRO is the go-to water extraction company for businesses in Bay Ridge and the surrounding areas. We use some of the most advanced equipment and tools in the restoration industry.

How SERVPRO Techs Decide Which Equipment to Use During Water Cleanup? 

Removing the standing water from your commercial space is the top priority of SERVPRO restorers. We extract as much water as possible before using humidifiers and air movers to complete the drying process. 

We use different extractors and pumps to extract the standing water from the premises. However, using the right equipment is crucial to the success of the process. SERVPRO techs decide which extraction equipment to use depending on several factors:

  • Type and extent of water damage: The type and size of water damage often dictate the equipment SERVPRO techs use for water extraction. If the damage is minimal, a wet/dry vacuum may suffice. However, more advanced equipment like truck-mounted extractors may be necessary for extensive water damage.
  • Size of the affected area: The affected area is another crucial factor determining the type of equipment required for water extraction. High-capacity equipment like self-priming trash pumps may be necessary for large commercial buildings to extract water quickly and minimize damage.
  • Unique requirements of the commercial building: The choice of equipment SERVPRO techs use also depends on the specific needs of the commercial building. For instance, high-pressure pumps can provide better lift and are ideal for extracting water from underground structures like parking garages in commercial buildings. 

Call SERVPRO of Bay Ridge at (718) 765-5572, and remember, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO’s Water Damage Restoration Plan for Bay Ridge Homes

4/11/2023 (Permalink)

green SERVPRO snout-nosed air mover The snout-nosed air mover supplies the centrifugal force for directing airflow to dry water damaged Bay Ridge homes. "Like it never even happened."

Effective Removal and Recovery of Water Damage

The linear footage of installed plumbing throughout your property is surprisingly large. Even a tiny hole in one of these pipe portions can cause a considerable mess.

However, disasters can severely impact your home without prompt action to shut off water flow. SERVPRO is a trusted name to help with the cleaning, drying, and repairs your property might need when facing the effects of a leak.

Water damage in Bay Ridge homes and businesses is a common threat. From pipes bursting under freezing conditions to aging appliances splitting hoses or a compromised HVAC system, water can be destructive to your home in countless ways. For this reason, we must maintain 24/7 availability so mitigation and emergency services can begin where necessary.

The Emergency Services Starting Mitigation

Our professionals must reach homes quickly when disasters strike. Water damage can move rapidly from room to room, spreading through walls and building materials as fast as these surfaces can absorb moisture. Emergency services are critical to effective recovery, as these efforts eliminate immediate pressing hazards and concerns and work to keep the situation from worsening. Multiple elements fall under this first phase of damage cleanup, which can include:

  • Water Removal
  • Utility Repairs
  • Mold Prevention
  • Content Relocation
  • Controlled Demolition

Needed Equipment for Extraction

Little can be done for a home or business suffering water damage until standing water in the structure has been removed. Because of this vital component to restoration and recovery, our technicians reach your home with multiple extraction tools and instruments to eliminate pooling water. Often, this process is a combination of pumps and vacuums.

What Principles Aid with Effective Drying?

Drying is one of the most important elements of recovering water damage to your home. Essentially, three primary principles must remain in balance to keep fast and effective drying occurring throughout our cleanup efforts. These include:

  • Temperature – The ambient temperature close by water damaged materials can affect the evaporation rate and eventual drying. We arrive with portable heaters to manipulate the temperatures in drying zones.
  • Airflow – Airflow often indicates using air movers and other high-velocity blowers to force air onto wet surfaces to encourage evaporation. Centrifugal and axial air movers are most commonly used. However, installations like ventilation fans can also help this process.
  • Humidity – It becomes critical to manage moisture in the environment and wet materials found throughout damaged areas in the house. Dehumidifiers are the principal instrument in absorbing water vapor and regulating environmental moisture to promote faster drying.

The Need for Repairs After Water Damage

Even with effective drying and recovery work, repairs and reconstruction are often inevitable. With On staff contractors With the general contracting license, we can complete controlled demolition and needed build-back services along with the restoration work. These accredited professionals save customers time and money and provide peace of mind that life returns to normal faster.

Water damage is among the most common yet complex restoration needs of homes and businesses throughout our service area. SERVPRO of Bay Ridge has experienced WRT-Certified professionals through the IICRC to help you mitigate loss and dry up the damage to your house. We are available 24/7 to help when you call (718) 765-5572.

The Main Components of Bay Ridge Fire Damage Restoration

4/11/2023 (Permalink)

soot damage on the wall of a home Structural fire damage receives mitigation and repairs from SERVPRO. We help our Bay Ridge neighbors, "Like it never even happened."

Our Stages for Fire Damage Recovery

You might not put much thought into the specifics of fire damage recovery until your home is damaged. Our experienced team of professionals can help in every facet of cleanup and restoration, even working with your insurance company to meet specific requirements for the property and its care. We break our recovery processes into five distinct phases to ensure that our restoration of your home is thorough and complete:

  • Emergency Services
  • Mitigating Loss
  • Addressing Soot
  • Malodor Management
  • Repairs

Fire damage in a Bay Ridge home requires prompt action. We have experienced and accredited professionals ready 24/7 to mobilize when disasters strike. Our preferred status with insurance companies gives us a distinct advantage in a fast turnover between the actions of first responders and the earliest mitigation solutions we provide.

The Pre-Mitigation Emergency Services

Some actions that we take must precede mitigation. Emergency services are vital to keeping your family safe and the structure from unnecessary harm. While several of the actions we take to help might fall under this heading, a few specifics that have the most direct impact can include:

  • Water Removal
  • Temporary Construction
  • Debris Removal

Our Mitigation Solutions

Mitigation follows directly after emergency services. Emergency services are the actions taken to address situations that could make cleanup slower or more dangerous. Mitigation involves specific efforts to keep the situation from getting worse. Much of this process involves improving conditions inside the house, such as air quality. This phase is also when we focus on relocating and cataloging loss of contents during the detailed estimation services we provide. The keys to mitigation include:

  • Content Management
  • Improving Air Quality
  • Demolition

The Threat of Soot

Partial combustion creates a volatile residue that distributes across multiple surfaces and contents. These carbon deposits are corrosive and harmful to those exposed, making it necessary to prioritize surface cleaning in the presence of these threatening particles. When removing soot, the appropriate solution is often to emulsify or dissolve the residue on the surface to protect the underlying substrate. When this is impossible, abrasive cleaning might be necessary, or even controlled demolition.

Removing Harsh Smells

Another separate phase of fire damage recovery will be our efforts to remove the smell of smoke and burning materials from your house. This process is multifaceted, addressing strong smells the combustion process has left behind and even trapped in porous materials. We must also provide suitable solutions for imaginary odors impacting customers after extinguishment. Early deodorization includes products to neutralize smoke smells. We address the odors of the mind with strong masking products to leave a pleasant scent where damage exists.

Are Fire Damage Repairs Necessary?

From high-heat fires that blaze through multiple rooms to slow and smoldering disasters that do not move as quickly, every house fire often needs repairs or reconstruction. Instead of waiting for weeks to vet and schedule an additional contractor to help, we have a general contractor license to help with the build-back needs of your home. Every needed team member is active in recovering your home from the earliest controlled demolition and emergency repairs to full reconstruction after a structure fire.

Fire damage is an alarming and overwhelming situation to face. You can count on the fast response and experience of our SERVPRO of Bay Ridge team to help when every minute counts. Our work with your insurance company helps to keep you from excessive leg work during an already traumatic time. Call our professionals when disaster strikes at (718) 765-5572.

The Importance of Prompt Mold Damage Remediation in Bay Ridge

4/11/2023 (Permalink)

background of mold growth with the caption “What to know about mold” Ask SERVPRO about mold damage remediation for your Bay Ridge property. "Like it never even happened."

Knowing More About Mold Damage in Your House

As common as mold might be in everyday environments, many homeowners do not understand the risk of inaction. The growth and development of mold colonies in your household present a volatile environment that could impact your family and compromise the structural integrity of hosting materials. It is important to act fast when mold gets discovered in your residence.

Mold damage in Bay Ridge homes can develop in as little as a few days following water damage or flooding problems to your property. Rapid restoration of these disasters can prevent or mitigate mold infestations.

The Cause of Active Mold Growth

 You will not know how to save your house from mold when unsure of how it forms or the conditions necessary to promote colonization. Active growth requires moisture and warm temperatures. Other factors, like sunlight or lack thereof, are secondary. Varying types of residential molds can grow in different environments and conditions, but moisture and appropriate temperatures are universally necessary. Places like the basement, attic, and bathroom can experience moist conditions favorable to microbial development. If you are not frequently inspecting these spaces like the attic, mold growth can develop rapidly.

Should You Be Concerned About Mold?

It is vital to understand that mold in your home is nothing to ignore. We must treat this condition as any other disaster impacting your property and offer efficient and direct remediation and restoration solutions. The most alarming aspect of mold that homeowners should respect is the continuous spread of these organisms. This threat makes initial efforts like containment an important element of successful remediation for your residence.

Keeping Mold from Spreading

There are multiple ways to stop spores from relocating to other areas of your household. While physical barriers are the most direct method of preventing the movement of mold organisms, additional actions are necessary to prevent the use of other pathways like air ducts. We seal over vents and returns of the HVAC system to keep out mold spores. We also create negative pressure on these systems to drive out spores for collection by powerful HEPA vacuums.

The Remediation Process

Removing mold damage is a product of several approaches. We focus on the actions necessary to remove active colonies impacting housing materials at vastly different depths. Some remediation methods include:

  • Surface Treatments

Using sporicidal and antimicrobial products, we can destroy surface mold colonies and create a buffer against repeat infestations.

  • Hand Sanding

This technique is especially effective with wood framing and similar materials. Sanding removes the outermost layer of the material without compromising structural integrity.

  • Abrasives

Media blasting can be an effective method of cleaning substrates hosting mold colonies. These efforts use pressurized air with abrasives like dry ice or baking soda to destroy mold without ruining the supporting material.

  • Removing Damaged Materials

When all else fails, SERVPRO technicians can eliminate sensitive materials. Protecting your home sometimes demands direct demolition and safe disposal of mold-infested building elements.

Stopping Mold from Coming Back

We strive to do more than remove the mold threat to your home. We want to protect your property for the future by resolving where moisture found its way inside the structure. We have skilled professionals for repairs and reconstruction. This build-back and sealing can be even more effective with mold-resistant paint that helps stall microbial production in moist environments like bathrooms.

SERVPRO of Bay Ridge can help when mold damage threatens your home. We understand the urgency of these situations and have effective remediation solutions. Call us at (718) 765-5572.